Practice Areas

Arbitration & Mediation

We advise clients operating under both common and civil law jurisdictions, on every step of the dispute resolution process from the drafting of dispute resolution clauses to the conduct of proceedings, through to the enforcement of arbitral awards.
In relation to arbitration, our firm's practice has expertise across a wide range of industry sectors, including banking and finance, construction, real estate development, property, commercial disputes, energy, mining, oil & gas, retail, international trade, and shipping. 
Not all disputes are fought out through litigation or arbitration; mediation often proves an effective alternative. 
Mediation is a catalyst which puts the thought of settlement into the minds of parties in dispute. It is a voluntary process which is highly effective in situations where parties want more than a strict enforcement of their legal rights. Disputes, whether internal or external, can distract people from effectively managing the business and may even jeopardise its survival. We have found that detailed preparation and a flexible approach to the points at issue, with reference to mediation where appropriate, can produce cost effective and quick resolutions, even to the most entrenched of disputes. Furthermore, the process is confidential.
We have a wide experience of alternative dispute resolution.

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