Practice Areas

Human Resources & Employment

The firm has expertise in employment matters in the public and private sectors. Over the years, the firm has provided advice and legal assistance to employers and employees on a wide range of topics including:
Policies, Procedures and Contractual Documentation 
Drafting and vetting service agreements, employment contracts, secondment arrangements and employee handbooks.
Corporate Support 
Rendering advice to companies on the legal consequences of acquisitions and disposals, including the carrying out of due diligence, especially in relation to the retention or forced redundancy of existing workers.
Redundancy programmes, changing terms and conditions and transfer of employment.
HR Issues 
Giving advice on disciplinary, dismissal and grievance procedures, conducting settlement negotiations, and drawing up severance agreements.
Sending out legal notices is often an effective way of resolving employment disputes. Whether the dispute is about salary, bonuses or terminal payments, or concerns former employees breaching non-disclosure, non-competition clauses and the like, a legal notice can often clinch the issues at stake and lead to a fair resolution. 
In addition to the above, the firm represents clients before the courts, tribunals and administrative authorities in the United Arab Emirates, India, United Kingdom, Singapore and other jurisdictions, on claims relating to termination of office, protecting trade secrets and confidential information, preventing unlawful competition and safeguarding of general business interests and rights.

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